Senior Instructor

Dr. Terry Young

Terry Young is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary.

He has over thirty years of pastoral experience in churches of various sizes and in different locations throughout Canada – including eleven years as lead pastor at First Alliance Church in Calgary.

His doctoral work (PhD) was on holding environments for leaders and the need for all leaders to have a secure base from which to live and lead. He is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring church leaders towards wise, calm, and healthy engagement on the front line of ministry.

He also works with The CREST Leadership Center as the Dean of the Master in Christian Leadership Program.

Terry is married to Maureen and together they have a tribe of four grown children. He has three daughters-in-law named Kristen and eight amazing grand children.

Senior Instructor

Dr. Dan Reinhardt

He was 43, leader of a large and growing organization … and tired.

The research says that if you are 40+ there is a good chance you have reached your apex and will flatline in the second half of your life. He was determined not to join that statistic.

A doctorate later, Dan Reinhardt launched The CREST Leadership Centre, passionate to help midlife adults make the necessary deep shifts to make their second half their best half.

With hundreds of graduates, CREST has emerged as a premier life and leadership program for men and women in the mid years who want their life to matter and to flourish.
Dr Dan Reinhardt

Senior Instructor

John Pritchard

John Pritchard graduated from CREST with a Masters of Christian Leadership in 2006, one of the first CREST graduates.

He has been engaged with CREST since the beginning. He was one of the original members of the CREST Board of Directors, and now is the Lead Facilitator for the CREST Diploma program.

He comes with leadership experience: he served as Lead Pastor of several churches around Alberta for over 25 years, before starting a network of home churches called The Edge. The Edge is John’s “sweet spot”, representing the convergence of experience, gifting, and passions.

His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and servant leadership comes through clearly in his contribution to the cohorts of CREST.

John is married to Trish and they have a daughter, two sons, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, and five grandchildren.


Verdeen Bueckert

Verdeen Bueckert graduated with a
CREST Masters in Leadership in 2011. 
It marked a turn-around in her life. 

CREST equipped Verdeen to shift her role as a Registered Nurse: from passing out pills to leading provincial quality improvement for Alberta Health Services.

Verdeen was nominated in 2013 for an Award of Nursing Excellence in Education, and with her team, received the 2015 President’s Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievements
in Quality Improvement.

She was interviewed in 2019, for her peer-reviewed Toolkit, ;When Psychosis Isn’t the Diagnosis, one of the top ten of more than 1000 Choosing Wisely resources, in seven of 20 participating countries. 

An avid reader and systems thinker, Verdeen actively explores transformational solutions to diverse questions:  - What are the advantages of leading from the middle of an organization?  -In what ways are leadership and parenting intricately connected?  - What daily practices contribute to a healthy, rich and fruitful life?   Her soul journey has not been easy. It includes 12 years of chronic fatigue (and full restoration to health), financial reversal (and turn-around), and death of a spouse (and a new relationship). She has persevered through to joy.

Verdeen remarried in November 2021. She and Bob enjoy hiking, biking and reading, and have six amazing adult children. 
Verdeen serves on the CREST Board of Directors
and as an instructor in the CREST program.

Guest Instructor

Marvin Brubacher

Marvin has served as the Executive Director of MentorLink Canada since January 2012. MentorLink is an international network of people who are partnering with existing ministries in helping to accelerate the training of leaders who will “lead like Jesus.” MentorLink began in 2000 and has served in over 45 countries.

Marvin served previously as the President of Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge ON for more than 21 years. Before that he served as a pastor in London and St. Thomas ON for 14+ years. He was a founding administrator of a Bible and helped to create two Christian day schools.

He also was instrumental in merging two Christian colleges and a total relocation of the new entity (Heritage) to another city and building a new campus.

Marvin has ministered in many churches and conferences throughout Ontario and the Maritimes; he has also served internationally in Russia, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Ukraine, Columbia, and Western Europe. Marvin also serves on the Canadian Board of Across Borders for World Evangelism and the International Board of ABWE Ministries, Harrisburg, PA.

Marvin and his wife, Kay, have three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. Marvin serves as an elder at Forward Church in Cambridge ON where they are members.

Guest Instructor

Dan Woodard

Dan Woodard serves with Action International Ministries to mentor and coach First Nations leaders and missionaries in developing healthy leaders, churches and parachurch ministries.

He has participated in numerous ventures in the past four decades, including directing Pathways to Life, administrating a partnership of ten mission agencies, training hundreds of new missionaries and coordinating symposiums and conferences.

In more recent years, Dan’s workshop training has largely focused on team building, master-planning, and equipping for more effective ministry, especially in cross-cultural settings.

Dan and his wife Deanna have three married sons and five grandchildren. Both Dan and Deanna are accomplished pianists, and Dan enjoys hunting, gathering firewood,
and researching his family tree.